AM Select Dishwasher

ENERGY STAR® rated using only .74 gallons/rack

Four wash cycles – 1,2,4 and 6 minutes

Available in high temp or low temp options

Select to Save More and Clean Better with Hobart Door-Type Dishwashers

Whether it’s a delicate wine glass or a grimy pot, the new AM Select door-type dishwasher is NSF Certified to clean them all. Its four washing cycles—1, 2, 4 and 6 minutes—let you select the one that best fits your rack load. It uses only .74 gallons of water per rack—less than any other door-type commercial dishwasher on the market.

Discover more about Hobart's AM Select door-type dishwasher below. For assistance please contact us online or to find a door-type commercial dishwasher near you, try our dealer finder.


Time Savings

It saves you money when you buy it, and it saves you money when you run it.

With the AM Select, you no longer have to worry about which dishwasher to choose or one not being enough for all your normal ware, while employees spend hours at the compartment sink performing what is often considered one of the most dreaded jobs in any kitchen. Wash all of your ware in the same place with the AM Select.

Environmentally Conscious

Saving money with every use, the AM Select gives you the power of two machines in one compact footprint.

ENERGY STAR® certified, the AM Select reduces water consumption and your utility bill by a minimum of 25 percent. Its exclusive rinse arm design uses .74 gallons of water per rack. This reduces water and energy consumption and lowers your chemical costs.


Save More, Clean Better

180ºF cleaning consistency, every time
Meets national standards for energy efficiency
Best in Class - Dishwashers
Hobart Dishwashers were awarded Best in Class Overall for 2017

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