Legacy® Commercial Mixers

The consistently exceptional performance you deserve.

Variable Frequency Drive

Quick-Release Agitators™

Shift-on-the-Fly™ technology and SmartTimer™ for precise mixing

Triple Interlock System

Swing-Out Bowl

Removable Bowl Guard

Every Legacy maximum heavy-duty mixer is built to be your favorite kitchen tool. Because every Legacy mixer consistently delivers exceptional performance. These planetary mixers can accept a wide variety of mixing, grinding and slicing attachments, making them versatile time-savers. Most importantly, Legacy mixers deliver the advantages you deserve. From 12-quart mixers through 60-quart mixers all the way up to the 140-quart size, we offer the right commercial mixer for the job.


Exceptional Performance

Exclusive features like the Variable Frequency drive give you the consistent, exceptional performance you deserve.

The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is an all-gear, direct-drive system ensures
superior mixing consistency, motor protection and long life. The VFD makes it possible to have other features such as the soft start and shift-on-the-fly.

Cleaning & Sanitation

Features like soft start and the removable bowl guard make it easy to keep your mixer and kitchen clean.

The removable bowl guard is easy to remove without tools. The soft start feature minimizes the risk of ingredient splash out (the flour shower) for less cleaning time.

Ease of Use Designed

It is important for kitchen equipment to be easy to use.

There are several exclusive ease of use features on the Legacy mixers. The swing out bowl is a patented feature that adds convenience and saves time. The Quick-Release™ agitators patented pin locks the agitator to the shaft, eliminating the up/down play of bayonet-style agitators.

Operator Assurance

We have features on the Legacy mixers to help operators feel more comfortable when using equipment.

The Triple Interlock System prevents the mixer from operating unless the bowl is fully up, locked in place and the bowl guard is secured.


Exclusive Features