Legacy® Countertop Mixers

Consistent mixing performance that supports your passion

Available in 12- and 20-quart models

Exclusive swing-out bowl

Shift-on-the-Fly™ Technology and Quick Release™ Agitators

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology delivers the power and speed you need

The Legacy® Countertop Mixer is ideal for operations with limited kitchen space. Its able to handle egg whites, blueberry batter, heavy bread dough and more—simply in a smaller size. Our exclusive swing out bowl makes loading and unloading product so much easier! The proven technology of our Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) provides the power and speed you need when you need it. Hobart remains the industry leader in performance and heft—so you can remain unstoppable.


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Technology

Our VFD technology is the brain behind our mixers and separates us from the competition without sacrificing power, efficiency or speed.

The VFD allows our mixers to have a multitude of industry leading technologies such as Shift-on-the-Fly™, soft start, consistent speeds, overload protection and thermal protection. Our goal at Hobart is to bring the best products to you, our customers, so you can craft great tasting food. The VFD makes this possible.

Swing Out Bowl and Quick Release™ Agitators

Providing operators with a unique and convenient way to utilize and operate the Legacy Mixer.

One of the largest benefits of the Legacy Mixer is its swing out bowl. The swing out bowl make it simple to put the bowl in place, add ingredients and take out mixed product compared to all other mixers. Quick Release™ allows you, the user, to put on and take off the agitator quickly and effortlessly by simply pulling a pin.


Consistent, Convenient Clean

Variable Frequency Drive
The mastermind behind our mixer technologies.
Auto-recall the last time set for each speed.
Best in Class
Hobart Floor Mixers were awarded Best in Class Overall for 2017

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